《Amplitube宿主(模拟效果器)》(IK Multimedia Amplitube X-Gear ) v1.5 WIN /官方最新版本+注册机

官方网站 http://www.ikmultimedia.com/x-gear/features/

AmpliTube 是吉它手们期盼已久的划时代效果软件产品,支持MacOS及Windows它可以让乐手模拟与吉它、贝司、键盘、人声等一切相关的周边设备,包括音箱模拟、单块吉它效果器及后期效果模拟,随意调节创造你所需要的任何音效。

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AmpliTube X-GEAR allows you to open, in stand-alone and plug-in mode, any current “Powered by AmpliTube” product(AmpliTube 2, AmpliTube Fender, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, Ampeg SVX, AmpliTube Metal) in a single interface with full mixing and matching between a massive number of accurately modeled gear, plus the ability to control them live and in the studio with the StompIO, StealthPedal or any traditional MIDI controller.

AmpliTube X-GEAR (which stands for eXpandable Guitar Effects and Amps Rig) represents the first fully modular and customizable amp and FX modeling software environment, providing instant access to 195 superbly modeled amps and effects from all current “Powered by AmpliTube” range and even further expandability with future products.

* The first fully modular, customizable and expandable amp and FX modeling software system

* Provides a single host interface for AmpliTube 2, AmpliTube Fender®, Ampeg® SVX, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™, AmpliTube Metal, and future “Powered by AmpliTube” products

* Full mixing and matching between all the modeled gear

* Opens and reads all “Powered by AmpliTube” presets

* Allows full automation of each opened model’s parameters

* Allows complete integration with StompIO or StealthPedal, IK’s range of audio interfaces/floor controllers

* Allows MIDI controls with MIDI learn functionality

* Works both as a RTAS/AU/VST plug-in and standalone version

New Features:

Three new, user-requested, "stompbox" effects and a rack unit:

* A classic stomp Compressor, based upon the Compressor in the Fender Cyber-Twin SE, provides a more consistent and higher input signal at the amp input stage with four "levels" of compression/gain available.

* A New Wah pedal, based on the Wah effect in the Fender Cyber-Twin SE, offers two "wah" voicing options, the "Cryin'" and "McCoy," and provides detailed control of the amount, effect frequency range and output level of the effect.

* A New Tremolo pedal, based upon the Fender Amp tremolo circuit, provides that world-famous Fender Amp tremolo effect in a convenient stompbox, giving players more front-end flexibility for tone shaping, plus adding the magic of the Fender Tremolo to any non-tremolo amp model.

* A New Rack Unit based upon the Fender '63 Reverb Tank now allows for post-amplification reverb application, giving models without reverb the rich, lush reverb effects for which Fender is famous.

* Enhanced stability and MIDI automation features.